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Tuition (2024 Rates)

Full-time Care

You are contracting for 10 hours of care during open hours each day enrolled. You do not need to use the full 10 hours if you wish to drop off later in the morning or pick up earlier in the afternoon. The daily rate is the same regardless, unless you wish to add extra hours beyond our normal open hours. Extra time beyond the 10 hours contracted, or before or after normal open hours is $17 hourly.


We do not offer part-time care i.e. 9am-11am or 12pm-3pm. You are purchasing a full day space and may use as little or as much of it as you like.

For all ages: $118.79 daily rate ($11.88 per hour)

Tuition is calculated by multiplying the daily rate x number of days attending a week x 52 weeks per year / by 12 months. This is done for the convenience of the parents to keep tuition the same every month, even though some months have more or fewer days. (For example, 3 days a week would be $98.99 x 3 x 52 / 12 = $1,286.87)

(All full-time clients (5 days a week) receive one Saturday up to 10 hours FREE per quarter. Many parents use this as a date opportunity or to paint their house or attend a work function, etc. Details are in the Parent Handbook.)

Subsidized Care

We currently do not offer subsidized care.

Registration & Security Deposit

Registration and Security Deposit fees are collected when your child's space is reserved and before attending care. Registration is equal to one week's tuition and is non-refundable. The Security Deposit is also equal to one week's tuition and may be refunded 30 days after the termination of care if there are no outstanding balances.

​​​Tour Other Child Care Providers

We always suggest that prospective clients look at other providers in the area also so that you know what you are getting at Baby MacBean.


In order to get a list of other providers in Benicia contact:

Ask for resource and referral.


Solano Family & Children's Services

421 Executive Court North

Fairfield, CA 94534-4019

707 863-3950 

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