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"As an architect specializing in Child Development Centers having a childcare provider as passionate as I am about early childhood learning was key.  Leaving my child with an individual who is interested in not only his physical health but also his mental growth gives us peace of mind knowing that our child is getting the best possible care. 


When my husband and I first started interviewing possible providers the one thing that really impressed us about Baby Mac Bean was that it is actually for the infants. For the infants meaning that the infants have the ability to explore and discover in a safe and educational environment with age appropriate activities and not contained within a playpen.


For us cost was also an issue. Baby MacBean was 15-20 Dollars a day more expensive than the other child care providers we looked at. Baby MacBean was also 15 minutes in the wrong travel direction each way, but when it came time to decide which childcare to go with the decision was easy.  We wanted what was best for our child and clearly this was it and we would sacrifice something to make it work.


We couldn't be happier with our decision.  Our son has hit all of his milestones early and is happy, healthy and well adjusted, and we know that the care and attention he receives while at Baby MacBean is a big part of that."




"We identified what qualities were important for us to have in a child care provider as well as in the facility, for example, it was important to us that our child be around other children of the same age rather than mixed in with older children. 


We wanted a home environment, with the feeling of an extended family.  We wanted our care provider to be knowledgeable about and educated in child development.  We looked at other facilities and interviewed other providers and liked that Claudia's environment was calm and peaceful without a lot of chaos."



"My son Joey was 9 months old when my babysitter gave me her 2 week notice! My husband and I had precious time to find new child care. We visited non-licensed child care facilities and licensed facilities. Some of the non-licensed facilities had infants sleeping in their car seats for naps and almost no child proofing! Needless to say, they were not safe and un-fit. We chose Baby MacBean licensed child care for numerous reasons. 1. The other children in the child care were happy when we visited. 2. Claudia keeps her home beyond clean and beyond safe. 3. Each child had their own crib and high chair. 4. Claudia continually takes child development classes and truly cares in the development and well being of each child. 5. A licensed facility holds Claudia responsible for the safety and well being of my son. I highly recommend Baby MacBean child care for infants in Benicia, CA. Claudia has become Joey's "second mom"! Thank you, Claudia!" 



"When my son Ryan was 3 months old, I began my search for a day care provider in the Benicia area.  I was struck by the stark differences in atmosphere, experience, and dedication between the facilities that I visited.  While I believe that every provider I spoke with had the best interests of my infant at heart, I felt that Baby MacBean offered the best care.  Claudia’s continued pursuit of education and her proactive approach to preventing illness and injury to the children in her care definitely put her head and shoulders above the rest.  Not only am I comfortable knowing that my son is in a stimulating environment, I can also rest easy that she is taking every precaution to keep him safe.  She does this through her tireless dedication to bettering herself and increasing her knowledge and awareness regarding childcare issues."



"I can't tell you enough how much we appreciate your inspiring service to our family.  I means so much to know that Reilly is in the care of a smart, caring woman that is clearly an expert in her field."


"I wanted to let you know how thankful we are the incredible care that you provide for our son.  Watching Jackson grow and learn every day is truly a miracle, and I know so much of it is because of your work and guidance."


When scheduling a tour you'll be provided a list of current and past clients with whom you may contact as references.

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